Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Have you forgotten Waynesville?

"Have you forgotten Waynesville?" This question was asked in 1905 and now we're asking again in 2009 - Have you forgotten Waynesville? If not, share your favorite Waynesville Memories here - and tell us where you are now and what you are doing.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where else but Waynesville?

We found Waynesville's brochures in a travel rack at one of the Ohio Visitor's Centers and the picture and description sounded like our kind of place! We had just relocated to the Cincinnati area due to a job transfer and we were looking for things to do in and around the Cincinnati area. Our first visit to Waynesville was on a Monday and although a lot of the shops were closed, the day was a great success. Everyone was warm and welcoming and we knew this was our kind of town. Little did we know that a year later, it would become home for us. The week we moved to Waynesville, we received a lovely card from then Mayor Ernie Lawson to welcome us to Waynesville. Where else but Waynesville would you receive a personal card from the mayor upon arrival?

Waynesville Days Needs YOU!

Waynesville Days Heritage Homecoming is being planned as a community event to be shared by the whole community. Share your memories here! Invite others to blog here! Events are still in the planning stages but Waynesville Days will be filled with local history, community garage sales, merchant sidewalk sales, an old fashioned ice cream social, Second Sunday Stroll art event, contests with prizes to win, open house at the Museum at the Friends Home, and lots of fun filled weekend activities. Mark your calendars for it - July 3-12th!