Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where else but Waynesville?

We found Waynesville's brochures in a travel rack at one of the Ohio Visitor's Centers and the picture and description sounded like our kind of place! We had just relocated to the Cincinnati area due to a job transfer and we were looking for things to do in and around the Cincinnati area. Our first visit to Waynesville was on a Monday and although a lot of the shops were closed, the day was a great success. Everyone was warm and welcoming and we knew this was our kind of town. Little did we know that a year later, it would become home for us. The week we moved to Waynesville, we received a lovely card from then Mayor Ernie Lawson to welcome us to Waynesville. Where else but Waynesville would you receive a personal card from the mayor upon arrival?


  1. Thanks for sharing your story of finding Waynesville. We have had our P. Buckley Moss gallery, the Canada Goose Gallery, in Waynesville for twenty three years and as a merchant in Waynesville, I appreciate hearing that you loved the town when you visited and ultimately decided to move here. We all work hard putting the word out about Waynesville and yet many will still ask..."Where is Waynesville?" We all love it when we know someone found us originally from picking up one of our brochures. The fruit of all the labor that goes into that production is when someone like you responds to picking our information from the travel racks. We are working hard as a group to give visitors more reasons to come to our town. Waynesville Days is just a part of what we are doing this year. We are committed to making the visitor experience one that will not be forgotten and we want people to leave with the feeling they can't wait to get back. Help us keep Waynesville a place people look forward to visiting by telling us what you want from your shopping experience. Please make it a point to come to the special events we have planned for town this year and encourage your friends and neighbors to join you. Main street and the joining intersecting streets will soon have a facelift for Spring. New banners will be hung from the light posts, our flower pots will be overflowing with flowers, the shops are full of new spring merchandise now all we need are the people to come an enjoy! Shopping locally supports your community and keeps the shops alive and in business in this tough economic time. We believe we have a lot to offer. Come to town, spend the day, have a meal in one of our restaurants and plan to support our events. You'll have a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing you!

  2. Waynesville has been our professional and personal home for many years. We first came to Waynesville in business in 86 when Dale's family purchased The old 1776 property from Bill and Helen Lemay. Dale developed and managed what was then Der Duetchler and is now Der Dutchman. I loved working with him. However, I REALLY loved the Hammel House. The building was and is incredible. I used to stop in for lunch sometimes on my day off from Der Duetchler just to be inside the building. Dale would ask me "What are you doing?" I just loved the building. I used to put my hand on the concrete wall of the porch as I used to pass on evening walks and felt the warmth of the building and just wish for some day.... We had the opportunity to purchase the Hammel House in 2000. I was so afraid. It was a hugh committment and our oldest daughter was just starting college. I was afraid I would bankrupt my family. So, I backed off. Two years later, We had the opportunity to lease the restaurant portion of the Hammel House. It was not quite so intimidating just leasing. After a couple of years here, we asked the Karacia's, the interim owners between Purdum's and ourselves, if they would let us purchase the building. The rest is history! After 7 years here I am still in love with this building. Thank you John and MaryJo for refurbishing this lovely old place.

    Pam Bowman
    Hammel House

  3. The Hammel House is one of the "Do Not Miss" places in Waynesville. We have stayed overnight in their Bed and Breakfast and hav meals in the restaurant. Pam is correct. The building is an outstanding old building with so much history. Come to Waynesville to enjoy the shops in the village, stay the night and step back in time. You will not be disappointed in the Hammel House. I know why Pat loves it so much and you will too once you visit.